Gemstones used for Lambertine jewelry come mainly from lapidaries located in India. They are all hand-cut and custom-made for unique creations. Because of their natural character, they can present differences in color and texture.


Malachite is a green stone known since antiquity. One of its main properties is to absorb negative energies. It is a stone of protection which brings a calming and reassuring effect.

Black onyx

Black onyx is an intense black stone that has been used since the dawn of time by all civilizations. It is a symbol of rootedness, strength and self-confidence.


Amazonite is a beautiful stone of blue-green color. It is a symbol of courage and peace that refers to the powerful Amazonian warriors. It is a positive stone, it radiates joy of living, allows to relativize and reinforces the feeling of happiness.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger's eye is a gemstone that has brought luck and protection for thousands of years. It owes its name to its colors varying from golden to brown, similar to the eye of the feline. It protects from bad energies, it helps to reduce stress and to promote positive thoughts.

Green onyx

Green onyx brings calm, soothing and relaxation. On the physical level, it helps to maintain the good health of teeth, nails, skin and hair.
Turquoise pierre gemme


Turquoise has been a gemstone of protection for thousands of years. It takes away negative energies and bad thoughts. It strengthens social relationships, exchange and creativity.
Pierre de lune pierre gemme


The name Moonstone comes from its reflections similar to the star of the same name. Calm and soothing, moonstone helps regulate the nervous system and hormone production, thus reducing stress and anxiety. By wearing the stone regularly, negative thoughts fade away and make way for the positive.


Chrysocolla was discovered in antiquity. It has a marbled effect ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green. It is the stone of harmony as it encourages forgiveness, compassion, gentleness, and strengthens emotional bonds. It is also associated with intuition, bringing out the deeper self.

Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl stone has been used by most cultures since prehistoric times, its iridescent reflections arousing fascination. This stone brings peace; it soothes anxiety, anger, tension, mood swings and all excessive emotional states. It frees us from the fears and anxieties that affect everyday life.


Labradorite is renowned for its protective qualities. It is extremely protective, absorbing the negative but also acting as a shield in its own right. It both protects from the negative surrounding it and absorbs it until it is totally dissolved.